The Bad Company Stats Pages


Here is a tool to show BF:BC2 stats:

BFBC2 PC Stats Viewer


With this software you can view your BFBC2 stats including overall stats, weapon stats, vehicle stats, pins, medals and archivements. Also you can modify your BFBC2 ingame settings. This is 0.97 alpha version. If you found some bugs, please report it.

 Alternative Download at

another way to see your stats is this page:


BFBC2 Stats web page



Here I startet some own stats pages, but I ran out of time, so they are just left here for "the good old times" ...

These pages are still under development.
I will create a "compare" option soon. With that, you can compare two players stats.
Have to see what values are interesting.

If you have suggests or comments, use the contact-form to let me know


If your name is still listed in the ranking, you can search it here to see your stats:


And here is some sort of leaderboard page for :

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