World of Tanks

World of Tanks


Patch from 6 to 7 - things I have seen (and I lke them):

Consumable/Equipment bar:

1. not only the directly usable consumables are now displayed ingame. The equipment like camo or binoculars are shown, too.
And the best thing is: Now you can see when they get active:

Old consumable bar

inactive (clear equipment icon background):
new consumable bar
active (green equipment icon background):
new consumable bar inactive


Tanklist (on the left and right side of the screen):

Not completely new, but now official:
The way the teams are displayed on the left and right side of the screen changed.
Til now, you had to install a specific mod to get that done:

Old team list left and the new one right:
Old team tank list New team tank list

You can adjust the list with the four little buttons on top of the list. So you can set it to classic (happens on game-start automagically) or tun it off.

Skin for cash

Okay ... in my eyes not the most useful stuff: For 25 gold, you can buy a skin for your tank, that will be viewed to all players ingame.
I hope, I can use my self made skins after the patch (will try to confirm that later this night :-) ).

[edit] seems to be confirmed ... my StuG III skin was available for me ingame).

tank skin for gold


Today I have spottet a new (french?) tank in the official video describing the new patch.
More about it here: Forum

Server: Multi Cluster Technology

With the new path, the load will be spread to a multi server cluster, which will avoid lags in online games during "rush hours".

Improved Minimap

The minimap gets a facelift and new functions. When a team member calls for help, his position will be displayed in the minimap.
Newly spottet enemies are highlighted.


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